Dec. 20, 2020, 9:36 a.m.

Nah, bro, straight up saying it.

Tycho felt immediately relieved that his explanation had at least made enough sense that Dmitry felt he could get by. He was a little afraid it might across as condescending, which totally wasn’t his thing. Tycho loved the little people, especially his little siblings, so he never wanted to make anybody feel stepped on or looked down on. He was a little dude once too, and more recently than he’d care to admit. His fifth birthday was approaching in a few months, but that one didn’t really mean anything. It wasn’t like he could drive or Apparate or buy cigarettes. That last one he didn’t especially care about, but it was the principle of the thing.

“Yeah,” he answered Dmitry’s question. It was a good one, but going “Good question!” when you weren’t a teacher was sort of a dick move. “So you kinda just decide who’s gonna put the ball in - I figure I’ll do it, if you don’t care - and then you push it in through the hole in the middle so that row of both your guys can try to hit it.”

“You don’t really need to move the guys individually,” Tycho responded to Dmitry’s second question. “Plus, you’re already moving back and forth, trying to move four knobs with only two hands, and the ball gets moving pretty fast sometimes. Some of the fun is that chaos, but if you had to do something separate for each individual guy, that’d probably be too much.” Tycho leaned toward one of the goals to retrieve the ball from it. “Are you ready to try?”

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