Dwight Finn

Oct. 1, 2019, 12:36 p.m.

Back at it!

Summer had been amazing for DJ Finn he had spent most of it in Australia working for his Uncles Riley and Sebastian. The job had been a cakewalk and actually really fun but a job nonetheless. Uncle Uncle Riley had been filming a movie there and instead of leaving his husband and kids home alone in California he had rented a huge beach house and whisked them away. DJ’s one job had been to look after Zack for four hours a day Monday through Friday. The rest of the time he had been allowed to do whatever he wanted. Uncle Riley had paid him an obscene amount of money.

His four hours with Zack had been mostly teaching his eight year old cousin how to surf while his almost three year old cousin Briar-Rose was off with the nanny doing a ton of classes. DJ thought a Toddler dance one, a toddler acting class, and a toddler singing class were a bit much but Uncle Riley had a crazy idea of having Briar-Rose make her Broadway debut when she was five in the Sound of Music as one of the kids while Riley would play Captain von Trapp.

When he hadn’t been watching Zack DJ had spent his time surfing, wandering around town and writing Dakota letters. He wouldn’t necessarily had called them love letters but he did mention how much he missed her in almost every one of them and he probably went overboard on flirting with her. He had also written Drew a few times and even with their rocky friendship DJ had written to Remy. Though he was never flirty with Remy ever it could almost be considered impersonal.

The last two weeks he had spent in Hawaii with his parents and little sister but now it was time to go back to RMI. The sixth year wasn’t too thrilled about going back but he was excited to see Dakota. He wondered how much she had changed this summer. She was probably even prettier than before.

Once he was in the entrance hall he made his way to the Draco fire. He glanced around hoping that he’d catch Dakota’s eye but he must have missed her in the crowd since he didn’t see her enter the Finer Diner nor could he see her at the Cetus. He was about to get up and head over there when the Headmaster began to talk. Crap - no time now maybe he’d get to see Dakota before they headed up to their houses. It would be so much easier if they were in the same house.

DJ grabbed a hamburger and fries from a passing house elf as he glanced around the fire. “So how’s it been going?” he asked the person on his left.

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