Darlene Knight

Dec. 20, 2020, 10:07 a.m.

Accidental lesson crasher

Darlene did not take Cultural Studies. Considering how little importance her education had to her - it wasn’t like she was ever going to have to work or anything - she just signed up for whatever classes Kit was taking so they could always work on their homework together. Kit was not taking Cultural Studies, so neither was Darlene.

However, Darlene did occasionally feel a bit peckish, so she decided to head to the Finer Diner to grab a small bite to eat. To her surprise, the room was not in its usual arrangement, and there were a bunch of people crowded around the open center. Obviously she wasn’t going to be able to get a bite to eat right now, but Darlene was a bit curious. It didn’t occur to her that it might be a class, perhaps because Professor Blair blended into the mass of students from here, so while the group was over there doing whatever they were doing, she went up to one of the tables nearby to see what exactly that was sitting on top.

On this particular table sat an item that was completely unfamiliar to her. It was a board of some sort that featured a man with an unlit lightbulb for a nose, and openings over his body parts that held smaller items within them. But it wasn’t like they were body parts that were exposed. Darlene specifically noticed one of them was a butterfly or moth positioned in his core. Without really thinking, she reached with two fingers to pull it out and examine it further. However, one of her manicured nails bumped the edge: the man’s nose lit up, and the board made an alarming buzz.

Darlene jumped, retracting her hand and holding it close to her chest protectively. She definitely let out a small shriek as well, but she hadn’t realized it. She turned away a little and discovered that she was no longer alone at the table, and she jumped and shrieked a second time in an encore of surprise.

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