Dec. 20, 2020, 2:16 p.m.

Names Slinger. Gun Slinger.

(Mental Nando Notes #419: Finger guns are extremely dangerous and should not be used lightly.) Not understanding why he suddenly felt embarrassed (was that blush? no, no it was just really hot in the diner.), he was glad that the older boy seemed enthusiastic about this D&D session, as he has seen some lackluster fourteen-year-old DM's in his day. Of course, wanting to look cool in front of the upperclassmen, he had chosen the shiniest homebrew class that he could scrounge up despite the fact that he had never played one. He's sure that it would be very similar to any of the builds he's ever created in Fall Out: New Vegas.

Regardless, if Nando had to assign himself one of the main classes of D&D, welllllll- he wasn't so sure. Obviously, the correct answer was Sorcerer: charismatic, magic comes from self swag levels, ancestor probably seduced a dragon or something. But, on the inside, Nando craved to be a Fighter. He knew it sounded corny, and even extremely simple (since most Joe Shmoe's in the D&D universe were just fighters), but he enjoyed the idea of being a threatening silhouette amongst his fellow adventurers. Not that you had to be a fighter to be the team leader, but it definitely helped to have like three attacks in one turn.

Chuckling, he responded "In my defense, you scared the mierda out of me when you threw the paper in front of me. But yes, I am tiny so Constitution probably isn't my strongest point. But-" He did that thing where you put a pencil in between your fingers/knuckles and twirled them, before flipping it in the air and catching it. "Dexterity is my strong suit, which in my humble opinion is important for a Pistolero!" Nando learned that trick from his Papi two summers ago, after his dad made him promise he would never do it with knives. But now that he thought about it, he never said he wouldn't do it with his wand...

Starting to scribble on his character sheet, he asked the Aquila whether or not they were starting with the point-buy, stat-roll, or standard-block system, quickly adding "Also I definitely brought my dice, but I just thought we can probably magic 'em into something that looks a lot cooler- WAIT! The DOTS. Could be. LITTLE GUNS!"

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