Remington Burnham

Dec. 20, 2020, 2:54 p.m.

I missed the rules somehow

One would think that once the college applications were in, the rest of seventh year would be smooth sailing. Remington had certainly hoped this much would be true. As it turned out, she disliked waiting for the acceptance or rejection letters more than she disliked all of the work that went into finishing the applications in the first place. The waiting was worse.

She’d already received an acceptance from the all-wizarding Sirweams and from Rice University in Houston. A rejection came from Yale (not a shock, she knew her grades were great but ivy leagues were always a stretch), waitlisted at Harvard (this one was a shock - she expected the Harvard story to be similar to Yale’s), and had heard nothing from the others. Most importantly, she hadn’t heard anything from Duke.

Waiting for that specific letter meant she spent more time in Finer Diner than usual, but being done with the applications also meant she had slightly more time for other things. The Draco decided to invest even more in her new relationship with Drew. Unfortunately, they seemed to be on the opposite school year schedules: now Drew was the one overwhelmed by school and it was taking its toll on him.

She knew the poor guy had been really tired, but he still insisted on following through with dates and stuff, even though she would have understood if he needed to reschedule. Most recently, they’d tried to have a study date, and her boyfriend completely fell asleep. After gently pressing the back of her hand against his forehead - no fever - she’d woken him up and suggested he go back to Cetus to sleep in his bed. When they met for breakfast in the morning, she had coffee ready for him. She wasn’t entirely sure how to help, but she knew more than anyone that this kind of thing came in waves. Eventually, Drew would find a balance with school and everything, and it would be fine.

Remington listened to most of the instructions from Professor Blair, but they were in the Finer Diner, and that was a major distraction for the seventh year. What if an owl came right now and delivered the letter she’d been waiting for? She knew the dual program at Duke and Chapel Hill was highly competitive. The Muggle version of the program didn’t even accept students until their sophomore year of college. There would be a lot of applicants and not many spots, but shouldn’t she have heard something by now?

After accepting that no, an owl wasn’t going to swoop in to put her out of her misery right at this moment, Remington realized she’d zoned out through most of the professor’s explanation. Now other students were moving around. She decided to wait until things were a little more settled so she could apologize to Professor Blair and ask for the instructions again -- huh, did Darlene take Cultural Studies now?

Part of her still felt insecure around Darlene Knight. She trusted Drew completely - he wouldn’t have broken up with Darlene without being completely certain about his choices - but sometimes it was hard to convince herself that she was his next choice. She and Darlene had absolutely nothing in common, unless one counted the fact that they were both human girls. It was hard to believe that Drew, or anyone, would want to date her after they got to date the societal ideal that was Darlene Knight. And seeing them talking, in a class that Darlene definitely didn’t take before, made something twist uncomfortably in her stomach. Thankfully, another student appeared and pulled her from her second set of wandering, distracting thoughts during this class.

“I’m sorry,” the head girl apologized and turned her brown eyes to the other student. “I missed all of Professor Blair’s instructions. Distracted. Would it be okay if you caught me up?”

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