Remington Burnham

Nov. 19, 2019, 4:54 p.m.

Back to back!

Of course DJ’s parents would want them to sleep in separate rooms; that made total sense. Her parents would be strict about that if she had friends over who were guys. Sometimes Drew came to her house to watch movies or something, but her parents pretty much left them alone in the little downstairs den. It was Drew, her best friend, and he had Darlene. Clearly, nothing was going to happen, so no one kept an eye on them.

More important than that was DJ nearly dying when she pointed out his crush on Dakota. Remington ducked her head down and smiled, giving him a moment to recover. That was cute. Dakota didn’t attach to people much, but she seemed to really like having DJ around. She would bet money that Dakota had some kind of crush on the other Draco. She’d also bet a pouchful of galleons that Dakota would never do or say anything about it. It was entirely possible the Cetus didn’t even realize it herself.

“The issue is I’d be too afraid to ask her not really her running away. I don’t have a good track record with girls.”

Remington laughed a little. “Yeah, sorry about that.” And she could pretty much guarantee that if DJ pulled the same thing he had with her on Dakota, his track record wouldn’t be seeing much of a recovery any time soon. “Maybe try asking her on a date before kissing her?”

Her tone teased, and she glanced at the Cetus fire again. One glance at Drew and his smile stoked a warmth she mistook for hope in her chest. This was going to be a good year. She just knew it. Everything had to be normal. She wouldn’t allow her tendency to just ruin things get in the way.

“For what it’s worth,” Remington said slowly, bringing her gaze back to DJ. “Any girl would be lucky to date you. Dakota will probably be really shy about it - and let’s be honest, she will probably run away the first time- but I would be absolutely shocked if she didn’t come back around.”

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