Fernando Reyes

Dec. 20, 2020, 5:45 p.m.

*Puts my MarmaDUKES up*

Muggle. (Maw-gull, not Moo-gleh how he originally thought it was pronounced.) The word felt strange on Nando's lips. It was what the Wizardry Welcoming Committee had called his parents, his sisters, and he himself was a "muggleborn". It sounded silly, but boy howdy did it sound cool. Almost equivalent to "destiny at birth", he liked the idea of being muggleborn and understood that the only separation between him and other wizards were that wizards knew they were wizards at birth. Seemed easy enough- he was sure that he always knew he was special, but hindsight is 2020, amiright?

One of Nando's favorite places was the Finer Diner, even though pronouncing it wasn't fun, so he just called it "La Cafeteria". Yes he knew the word existed in English, but he didn't care. The Lyra was excited when he found out Cultural Studies was being held there since it meant he could probably sneak food from one of the many elfo domesticos that took pity on him. As he sat down, he tried to whisper "Horchata" over and over again until finally he felt a familiar sensation of small hands placing a small ceramic cup in his hands. Success.

Wait. Wait, crap. He wasn't paying attention. Oh my god, they were pairing up.

He was paired with Jason Fitz, which was a somewhat familiar face. His brother, Jacob, was in Lyra with Nando, and the two were cordial at the very least. He hadn't really made any friends since coming to RMI, which was a little disconcerting, but he wasn't discouraged. He decided that he would try a little harder, hoping that Jason liked jokes. He was assigned "Muggle is Better" (What a Coincidence!) and Jason led them to a table with a pair of russian dolls.

“So I’m a pureblood snob and I really dig these nesting doll things,” Jace picked the one closest to him up and turned it upside-down. “I guess one of these is magical, yeah? D’you know how to tell?”

Pureblood? OH! Pureblood! Like dog breeds. He cleared his throat and tried to sound professional. "Ah yes, Pureblood. We have tons of purebloods back at home- my dog is a pureblood labrador!" Scratching his chin, he picked up some of the Russian nesting dolls, separating it into its different components. His Mami loved these, so he was used to having them around; he was also used to getting in trouble for hiding and then forgetting that he hid candy in them.

"Well, as a Maw-gull, I find these impacibly decadent, don't you, good sir?" He shot a shit-eating grin. "I mean, think of all the different things kids can put in these, and then take them out, and then put them in, and then take them o-actually, these things suck lol."

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