Dec. 20, 2020, 5:49 p.m.

Sounds like a stripper name

Damn, was Nando a rogue in real life? Elliot would believe it after he pulled off that spinning pencil move. He didn’t know a lot of eleven-year-olds because most of the time the fourth years were in different classes, but he was pretty sure that Nando was the coolest eleven-year-old at RMI.

“Point-buy,” Elliot confirmed. “Do not be alarmed, I come in peace, I am going to give you another paper now,” he said in a loud and clear and mocking-in-a-fun-way voice, pushing a little chart that explained how to set your stats toward Nando. He did not want another near-choking.

This recruitment mission was going perfectly. “Yes. Gun dots. I am definitely sure we can do that.” It’d be really easy to transfigure the little patterns to something else. Not to brag but Elliot was awesome at Spellwork. He couldn’t wait until next year when he got to start Animagus stuff. Elliot had already spent an unreasonable amount of time thinking about what his Animagus form would be. It was literally the only reason to even think about watching Animal Planet. Elliot was really hoping for something with wings (specifically something that was vertebrate with wings that could fly—in case any asshole genies were listening and thought they could loophole it by making him a bug or an ostrich or something) but being like, a cheetah or a fox would be cool too.

Apparently there was a process you could do to learn your Animagus form ahead of time, but it seemed really inconvenient and Elliot was one hundred percent sure he would forget to not swallow a mandrake leaf, and also that having to hold a leaf in your mouth for a month would get in the way of other more fun things you could do with your mouth instead. He wished he could just take a Buzzfeed quiz that would tell him instead. He’d asked his little sister Ariana what she thought his Animagus form would be and she said she didn’t care but he was probably “something pretty but pointless,” which was actually one of the nicer things she’d ever said to him. If Ari became an Animagus she would probably be one of those little yappy dogs that rich white ladies carried in their purses.

Maybe he should be a ranger or a druid after all. Rogues usually didn’t shape-shift. Then again, that was what multiclassing was for. He grabbed himself a character sheet and a pencil too and started filling in some stats. Maybe he would just start writing and see where the backstory took him. “You can have a cool gun for your starting equipment but like, not too cool, so we can upgrade it later. You’ve definitely played before, right?”

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