Norah Nilssen

Dec. 22, 2020, 6:39 a.m.

Let's leave that to the experts

Norah still wasn’t entirely certain as to why Cultural Studies was something that she had decided to continue taking, but Brynjolf had always enjoyed it and so she was giving it an honest chance. The fourth year had recently developed the attention span of a gnat this term and it was showing. She was trying her best in each of her classes, but it seemed like each time she managed to learn something, she forgot something else entirely. She wished there was something that she could blame it on, but that wasn’t possible. It was her own fault and she knew it. For whatever reason, she just couldn’t focus enough to really absorb any information she was presented with.

It was frustrating in all parts and she couldn’t find any real reason for it. She just didn’t want to learn. Maybe it was the impending doom that came with an arranged engagement. She’d actually met Magnus over midterm and he wasn’t entirely terrible but he was well, entirely terrible. He was the embodiment of boring and over all things Norah didn’t like him. He was cute enough and there was something charming about him if she really squinted, but not enough for her to fall all over him and dote like her mother had. He was alright, she supposed.

Maybe she was overloading herself so that she was distracted from her own reality, but that wasn’t something that the blonde could admit even if it was true. So it was only natural with everything going on in her mind that she responded with an entirely distracted hmmm when Eliott Phippen held up a toy. It took her a moment to remember what they were supposed to be doing and Norah reached out to take the item from him. It was a decent size, big enough to fit between her two hands, and bronze. “It’s a puzzle game; a perplexus,” she replied, fiddling with the object for a moment to find the button on the side that activated it. It was designed much like a muggle Rubix cube, moving parts and all that you had to slide into place. As you completed the puzzle it typically built the small structure of a mythical creature or some such creature. If you were lucky, it would prance around for a little while before the charm died out.

“Parts of it will move without you wanting it to, if you don’t respond correctly to the change, it can set you back to the beginning of the puzzle.” The Aquila frowned as she missed the exact thing she was describing and the puzzle snapped back into the shape of a ball and she shrugged, offering it back to Elliot. “I was never any good at them honestly, I find them more frustrating than anything else. There's a small round button that activates it and I think it's just charmed to respond to your motions.”

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