Dec. 23, 2020, 8:43 p.m.

Likely an accurate statement

Tycho didn’t really answer his question of why no one had thought to improve this game with more control over the players. Maybe he didn’t know, which was fair; the only people Dmitry expected to know the history of everything were his parents, especially his mother, and even then, logically he knew there were some parts of “everything” that weren’t applicable even to her very complicated job of being basically in charge of the entire government. But he did elaborate that even if the concept of fuse-ball was simple, it was actually hard to stay attentive and keep in control of all the knobs.

And, okay, that made sense. Probably. He would understand - or not - for sure once they started playing and he could actually experience what Tycho had been describing to him. With this in mind, Dmitry nodded for Tycho to put the ball in.

The first round did go very fast. The Russian thought he had okay reflexes, but still it seemed he was too slow, because once he predicted where the ball would go and reached for the knob it had already bounced somewhere else. Half the time he didn’t even manage to grab the right knob, or he grabbed the knob that would have been right except now the ball wasn’t there anymore, and his row of men were left spinning without anything useful to do. “Gah!” Dmitry tried to focus as hard as he could, but unsurprisingly he managed to spin his Keeper in the wrong direction and the ball went right under his head.

He was still thinking about what Tycho had said, and now the part that did not make sense was how he had never come across this game in a magical way. It was like muggle chess and wizard chess: the same overall, but wizard chess was more interesting, dynamic, and personal. If there was a wizard fuse-ball, they could control all the individual players by magic… which wouldn’t be quite like wizard chess, since in chess there was plenty of time to think and direct your pieces while fuse-ball was a very fast game, but still. He voiced this thought to Tycho. “Is wizard fuse-ball also existing in America? Or maybe American wizards do not care about football enough to make a game of it?”

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