Jan. 9, 2021, 12:24 p.m.

Absolutely going to misinterpret your concern

In one fell swoop, Darlene was immediately and completely mortified. It was already a bit embarrassing to be startled by… some sort of contraption? It had to be a toy or something, but what its practical purpose or what sort of fun could be generated from it were entirely beyond her. In any case, it was small and harmless (as far as she could tell), so that wasn’t a great look anyway, and then to be startled a second time by just someone’s presence was also quite silly. Having the person who startled her, and who witnessed her general silliness, being the ex-boyfriend she was still completely in love with was simply icing on the cake.

“Cultural Studies?” Darlene repeated, glancing around the Diner again. Because the student mass had dispersed to the various tables, a professor was now visible: the small, lithe Cultural Studies Professor Blair. Oh, Merlin. If they weren’t already, her cheeks had to be completely flushed with embarrassment by now. Regretfully, it was hard to hide her flaws in her smooth and pale complexion.

“Oh goodness, I’m interrupting a class,” she stated, both as confirmation to herself and a declaration to Drew. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize that’s what this was. I just saw the tables while I was passing through and got curious.” It sounded like a stupid excuse, but it was absolutely the truth. She just hoped Drew didn’t think she was, like, stalking him or something. She had tried her best to give him some space, although less out of respect for his decision (ha) and more out of the hope he would start to miss her. Darlene would never stoop to stalking. Poisoning? Absolutely. But stalking? Never.

And speaking of, this awkward and embarrassing situation did at least provide an opportunity to see how Drew was feeling. He looked a little run down, which was probably a good sign, and at the very least, the physical indication gave her an opportunity to ask without sounding like she knew more than she should. “Are you feeling okay?” she asked good-naturedly. “You look a bit tired.”

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