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Jan. 30, 2021, 12:10 p.m.

An innocent pointed hat

Once upon a time, students at Rocky Mountain International had been required to wear pointed hats. It had been the first part of the dress code to fall by the wayside and the traditional witch’s hat had literally fallen by the wayside on the first day of school many years ago. It had been perched precariously on an owl cage as its owner Portkeyed into the entrance hall and it had fallen, then subsequently been trampled by several students and ended up wedged under someone else’s trunk. It had been rescued by a house-elf and lovingly tucked away in a corner of the Secret Passageways with many other hats. There it had lived for a long time, until one day it found itself lying on a table in the Finer Diner between a dish of sausages and a dish of pasta.

Unbeknownst to the hat, some wayward magic had slipped into it in the time it had spent tucked away in the Secret Passageways with all the other hats in the house-elf’s collection. Anyone who came within a few feet of it would be compelled to pick it up and put it on. Worse, it was now a semi-sapient Thinking Cap and would help grease the wheels in the wearer’s mind, bringing to light as many ideas as they might possibly come up with and compelling them to share them out loud. This particular hat had once belonged to a witch who had more than a few Dark spells on the mind...an obsession that might even leak into the new wearer’s unsuspecting mind.

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