Jan. 30, 2021, 1:24 p.m.

That cancels it out, so now we're dating again.

Hmm, Drew’s lack of concern for his own wellbeing did give Darlene pause for a second. If he was still convinced it was just being busy and maybe a lack of sleep, there was still potential that it really was just those minor things and not the literal poison with which Kit was dosing him. Maybe it wasn’t working, or, oh Merlin, had Kit poisoned the wrong person somehow? That could be a huge problem <strike>unless it was Remington, and then it was only a minor problem</strike>.

No, Darlene told herself, she just had to be patient. The whole point was that this would be a slow-moving event, because if it was all at once, it would be too suspicious. The Lyra had to have faith in herself, in her best friend, and in their combined abilities to poison the love of her life, her ex-boyfriend, until he decided he loved her again.

So she just laughed good-naturedly at his comments. “It’s hard out here, being grown ups,” she teased back. It was hard to believe they were both seventeen now: legal adults in the magical world. Over midterm, Darlene had her first taste of being legally allowed to do magic outside of school. Truthfully, she had done it here and there at home already, because the tracing wasn’t really able to tell if it was her, her mother, or one of their many elves, but it felt different doing it legally. There was something so powerful about not breaking the law to get your way. It felt pretty powerful to get your way by breaking the law, too, of course, but this was a different sense of power. It felt clean.

“So… this is a lesson?” she reiterated, looking for any kind of conversation that meant she wouldn’t have to leave. Darlene glanced back at the weird buzzy man with the strange medical afflictions on the table. “What’s the practical application of this… thing?”

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