Madeleine Tennant-McKindy

Jan. 30, 2021, 9:07 p.m.

An innocent Draco

Family dinner was serious business. It was a little bit different now that Marissa had graduated, but Madeleine still tried to make sure that Drew and Dad and Aaron-Dad and Kit and Sadie and Tycho got together once a week for a Tennant-McKindy-Kendrick-Embers (plus also Leppit) mini-reunion.

When Madeleine arrived at their usual spot, she noticed a pointed black hat on the table. It was a nice hat, but definitely plainer than the hats that were popular now. Not that Madeleine meant to disparage old timey-hats, or modern hats. In fact she would prefer a brightly-colored hat with a little cluster of roses poking out of the brim. But Madeleine loved to play dress-up and this hat had a certain amount of flair that she couldn’t ignore. Normally she might have held onto the hat to put in her bin of dress-up clothes later, but today Madeleine plonked the witch’s hat directly onto her head. It suited her just right.

While she waited for her family, Madeleine decided to go exploring. The house elves did a really super good job of spreading out different kinds of food, but today the McTenKenbers table didn’t have any desserts, and Madeleine really, really wanted a cupcake. Specifically a chocolate cupcake, with frosting. Specifically pink frosting, or blue, with sprinkles. The sprinkles were important.

And! She saw a cupcake like that! It was the last one on the platter and it was kind of on the other side of the room but Madeleine closed in on the table quickly—

...but not quickly enough to stop someone else from taking the cupcake just as she reached the table, pointy hat and all. The twelve-year-old looked dismally at the person holding the pastry. “Oh, I wanted that cupcake,” Madeleine said, terribly disappointed.

And then she suddenly felt more than just disappointed. She felt (bafflingly, for perhaps the first time ever) furious. “I could curse you,” Madeleine explained cheerfully to the person who had taken the very last cupcake. “I could curse you so that your insides are outside of you and inside out, too, and also make it so your bones turn into jelly. It would be very easy to curse you like that. Do you want that? Or do you want to give me that cupcake?”

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