Jason Fitz

Jan. 31, 2021, 9:42 a.m.

Marma-DOODLE more like

It was a good deal that Jace wasn’t drinking anything when Nando started talking about pureblood labradors because boy howdy was that not how that word was used. Jace kinda liked Nando, not that Jace disliked a bunch of people, but Jake was in Lyra with him and said good things plus the kid seemed cool in class. Kind of a goof-off but Jace wasn’t in a place to talk about that and he knew it. But pureblood labradors? Once Jace was done laughing about it, completely ignoring the other things Nando was saying, he started realizing that the kid might actually not know that was not how that worked. Dang, Nando was gonna get his ass kicked saying that to the wrong person. Funny as it was, Jace figured he should correct that misunderstanding.

“My dude, dogs are purebred,” Jace said, reaching across the table to clap Nando on the shoulder. “So unless your labrador is actually an Animagus, not a pureblood. That’s wizards only. Actually it means when you’ve got two wizard parents but there’s a crap-ton of snobs who think it means if you’ve got centuries and centuries of wizard blood and everyone marrying their cousins like it’s freakin’ West Virginia but with more money and less drugs.” Jace paused. “Maybe just more money, figure those purebloods gotta be on some drugs.”

Explanation over, Jace thought he was out of the woods when he thought about his pureblood cousins getting compared to labradors and he doubled over snickering once more.

“Sorry man,” he gasped, trying to pull himself together. “I’ve got some cousins of mine who’d get real pissed about that. I’m a halfblood.”

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