Jan. 31, 2021, 5:44 p.m.

Innocent? You?

Oh it was Dakota! Madeleine beamed at her friend. She was pretty sure that Dakota should be part of family dinner too, because she was technically related to Aaron-Dad’s family (and thus Jessie’s family and thus Madeleine was her cousin too or something), but Dakota didn’t do family dinners. Dakota had a mean older brother so Madeleine could see why the older girl wouldn’t want to do family things with him, but she should know that the Tennant-McKindys were different. Maybe Madeleine could convince her today. She felt very convincing today.

“Yes I do,” Madeleine said brightly, because she did, actually, know how to do that. It was strange. She couldn’t remember how she knew how to do that, but she definitely knew how. She knew the incantation, and she knew the wand movement. But where had she learned it? It definitely wasn’t from any of their Defense Against the Dark Arts books, and Madeleine didn’t think it had come from any of her other books, and she was one hundred thousand percent sure Aaron-Dad hadn’t taught her how to do this spell.

“I know a bunch of very mean spells,” Madeleine said, the realization dawning that she, in fact, did. Now that she was thinking about the insides-outside spell and the jelly-bones spell, Madeleine realized she knew lots of other spells. Spells that she didn’t quite remember learning and was pretty sure she had never tried before. Jinxes and hexes and curses (oh my) that would make a person think twice about bothering her.

It was kind of funny that she knew all these spells without knowing how, so Madeleine laughed. It was about the closest sound to a maniacal cackle Madeleine had ever made. “But, it’s not mean if you have a good reason to use them, right?” she asked Dakota. “Like if someone is being mean to you then that’s a good time to use spells like that. So that they know to leave you alone. Right? You must know tons of spells like that too.”

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