Quinn Walker

Oct. 1, 2019, 1:20 p.m.

Perfection as always

“Now remember Quinn you are there to make connections. None of this hiding in your room and studying business like you did last term. I expect you to write weekly reports home. Do you understand?” James Walker said as his daughter Quinn expertly placed her long brown hair into a bun. The fourth year glared at her father through her mirror.

“Father RMI is an exceptionally harder school then Chatham ever was. I would assume you would want me to get a good education over making eyes at some Pure Blooded boy or being the best of friends with a girl who is just going to marry whoever her father points at.” Quinn replied in her slow Savannah accent. “Now please leave me in peace so that I may finish getting ready for the opening feast.” The brown haired girl had been hearing all summer how she had failed James and she was tired of hearing about it. Just because her mother had rocks in her head didn’t mean Quinn had to have them. She was smart and she wasn’t going to RMI an IWCE school just to find a husband. No she was going to get a good education and get out from under her father’s thumb if it was the last thing she would do.

Her father huffed as he left the large bedroom of his daughter and Quinn stood up adjusting the form fitting black sleeveless jumpsuit that she had decided to wear to the Opening Feast. She had found out through the grapevine that RMI’s opening feast didn’t provide tables and they had to sit on the ground. The fourth year would not be caught dead sitting on the ground in a skirt again. Not after that astronomy class last term no ma’am.

She walked over to her dresser where her dream catcher sat and she held it lightly and within seconds she was in the entrance hall of RMI. She toddled a bit in her glossy black pointy toe Louboutin heels. The five inch heel was a bit extreme but Quinn needed the height. She was only 4’11 and in the heels she was 5’4 the perfect height in Quinn’s eyes. Plus the Cetus loved the pop of color the heels gave her. Anytime she wore a pair of Louboutin’s she matched her lipstick to the bottom of her heels. Besides the red on her lips and heels she wore no color. The rest of her makeup was neutral and in her mind she thought she looked sophisticated.

The fourth year sauntered over to the Cetus fire. She cast her light brown eyes around the fire and finally decided to sit down with her back towards the door of the Finer Diner. She didn’t love sitting down on the floor but at least it was clean.

When the feast started Quinn sighed as she looked around at the food running past her. She finally decided on a salad with chopped chicken and bacon on it. When she had taken her first bite she felt something nudge her. She covered her mouth and quickly swallowed before asking. “Do you need something?” with a perfectly arched eyebrow.

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