March 5, 2021, 12:25 a.m.

It was a long shot

The very tiny twinge of uncertainty squirming around Madeleine’s tummy disappeared. See? Dakota knew spells like the ones Madeleine knew now, and Dakota was the bestest, which meant that it was okay to know those spells. In fact it was probably good to know those spells

Madeleine had spent her whole entire life thinking that magic only had a few purposes. One was just to be magical and make special, spectacular things. Like the way Aaron-Dad enchanted their cookies at Christmas or the way Madeleine could shoot a rainbow of glittery sparks from her wand. Another purpose was to make life easier, like cleaning up messes with a flick of your wand or traveling very far very fast so you could see your friends and family members who didn’t live close by whenever you wanted. And another was helping people, like how Medic Rock could fix you up in no time if you stepped on your ankle weird when you were rehearsing Naughty.

But now Dakota was making some very good points, and Madeleine was starting to think that maybe magic could be good for other things. Like safety. They already used magic for safety at RMI, like on the rock wall, so that you wouldn’t get hurt if you fell off it. But maybe there was another kind of safety. A protection kind of safety. The kind of safety you could only get by going out and taking it.

And Dakota knew all about that kind of magic. And Madeleine suddenly thought it would be really, really important to know it too. “Can you show me some of the spells you know?” she asked. Dakota was a helpful person so she was sure her friend would say yes, but just in case Dakota needed extra convincing she added, “I can teach you the ones I know too.”

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