Fernando Reyes

March 13, 2021, 12:23 p.m.

A Lustrous Lyra Loiters

Nando was excited. That was redundant to say- Nando was always excited. Okay, not always excited, but always in a constant state of near-excitement, which was to say he was prone to excitability as easily as a small dog. No- small dogs aren't cool. Like a big dog- with sunglasses- like the ones you see smiling to guitar music on Tik Tok. He was excited.

After a fairly tame summer, he was ready to head back to Rocky Mountain International, where he was actually allowed to do magic. He scowled at having to keep his wand locked for an ENTIRE SUMMER just because he joked that he would transfigure one of Maricela's K-POP posters into something with good taste. Sure, he knew that he wasn't allowed to use magic out of school, but it was a JOKE- a joke his parents took too seriously. He tried nonverbally casting Alohomora countless times, but to no avail. He didn't really expect much from that experiment, since he read that nonverbal and wandless spells were the hardest to master (at least by European standards).

He was finally given his wand only an hour before his green dreamcatcher would turn into a portkey, to his absolute delight. He pulled it out of his holster and let it zip back up at least a dozen times just to remember how the sensation felt. After finishing packing up the remainder of his things, he went around his house and said goodbye to all of his family members one by one. He did pack up all of his dungeon and dragons books, as well as nearly all of his gaming devices with the intention of getting them charmed by Professor McKindy to start RMI's first Video Games Club. He figured even if he could do spells as good as Rhia, he could obviously obliterate her on Super Smash Bros. It was only fair.

As he gave his last hug to his parents, there was a slight Ping! in the air, indicating that the portkey was now activated. Bracing himself, he quickly yelled "Okay, te quiero!" as he suddenly felt a very sharp pulling sensation that kinda felt as if he was being mummified and his brains were being taken out of his nose. Once that monstrosity was over, and a quick upchuck into a pre-packaged paper bag, he slowly made his way towards the Lyra fire, where he had already started to see some of his classmates. Waving at some of his friends as he passed them, he sat down near the bonfire and looked straight down as he tried to collect his senses. Deciding it might do him well to concentrate on something boring to try and settle his stomach, he asked the house-elves for some ginger ale and pulled out his new textbooks for the year. Spellwork would be too excitable, so he pulled out his shiny new History of Magic textbook, which was arguably his worst subject, and started to read up on the American Goblin Wars when he suddenly felt someone's presence beside him.

Clearing his throat, he quickly closed the book and spoke aloud.

"Nothing like reading about #WizardingColonialism to steady yourself after transportifying yourself across the continental US, huh?"

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