Tycho Leppit

March 13, 2021, 12:46 p.m.

Or we could not.

What. The. Shit.

All in all, Tycho was a pretty good kid. Got decent grades, didn’t mess around too too much in class, had yet to get into any serious trouble despite the best efforts of his friends. And yet, who was it approaching the Headmaster to collect Prefect badges?

Let’s take a step back and assess a moment, shall we? Lyra: Eugene Hardie, Tycho’s roommate, who was an absolute nutball. Draco: Joey Blair, fine kid who spoke his own language, so if anyone actually needed help from their Prefect, well, good freakin’ luck. Cetus: Sadie Embers, who had actively convinced Tycho to break into Garen’s office and steal confident files, and that was only the most recent thing he could think of. And Aquila: Elliot fuckin’ Phippen, human disaster, troll, and next generation adulterer.

Now, that was Tycho’s best friend since, like, birth, but the facts were the facts. The Headmaster had always seemed like kind of a funny man, but now it was definitely confirmed that he was on crack. Like, Tycho was just waiting for this to be revealed to be a joke, or to see Ellliot slide the Headmaster a five dollar bill when he went up for his badge. Something. Anything. But, nope, this was real, and Tycho knew his life was surely going to be a nightmare now. Surely Elliot and Sadie would bully him forever. Not to mention, he was kinda just genuinely disappointed. He didn’t realize it, but he actually sorta wanted to be Prefect. He thought he’d be good at it, and it’d make his mom proud. Now Addi was probably gonna yell at him, because what the hell had he done to make the school think that he wasn’t deserving of it when Sadie and Elliot were? This school even let Addi be the freaking President!

So that was it. He straight up refused to look over at stupid Elliot’s face. If he were just ten percent saltier, he probably would have booed. He would have probably booed his friends, but then he didn’t want Joey to feel bad. It wasn’t his fault he was weird.

Grumpy Tycho did not greet his Housemates when the Headmaster concluded. He just sat and grumped and ate a chicken leg, which he took from a House Elf sans plate. He was grumpy and hungry and in a bad mood.

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