Elliot Phippen

March 13, 2021, 1:12 p.m.

Prefects and Protagonists

Fifth year, babey!

Elliot didn’t have any particular plans for fifth year, but he had grown as tall as his dad over the summer, which was awesome. It was also not hard, because Jimmy Phippen was not a tall man, but Elliot was enjoying the fact that he would soon be the tallest person in the Harper-Phippen household. It also meant he had cool new clothes—green chinos and a funky beige button-up patterned with red mushrooms—under his silver robes.

Knowing that the odds of at least one of his friends becoming a prefect was pretty high (like, it was 50-50 for Lyra and Cetus) was very cool too. Stupid Violet Rosse was probably going to be the Aquila prefect, but she could be talked into being fun sometimes. Elliot didn’t know what, exactly, prefectorial powers would get them, but it could never hurt to have an inside man. Or woman. Or person, whatever, Elliot did not discriminate. Shenanigans were gender-neutral.

After squeezing out of Portkeylandia (he always liked traveling by portkey, it was like getting a bear hug on a spinning teacup ride), Elliot smoothed down his ruffled black hair (it did not actually get any smoother, just ruffled in a different way) and trotted over to take his rightful place at the grey Aquila bonfire. Then the feast started and oh shit, it wasn’t stupid Violet Rosse, it was Elliot, and just like that fifth year was already a whole lot better.

Now, it was true that Elliot didn’t know what prefects were supposed to do. He thought maybe it had something to do with enforcing the rules, but strictly speaking, Elliot did not, per se, know the rules at RMI. Apparently you could poison someone for a year and not get kicked out or anything, so there probably weren’t even that many rules anyway. And Elliot didn’t think it was really any of his business what other people did. Aquila Prefect was an oxymoron and for once Elliot was proud to be that moron.

Casting about for something to do with his newfound powers, Elliot notice that the girl sitting next to him was unfamiliar. A first year! Prefects were definitely supposed to help first years acclimate to the school. Elliot was the NPC for this girl’s tutorial level. Filled with the self-importance of a mission, he turned to her and saw that she was staring down into her bag. Okay, no problem. He could just sit here eating his ddeokbokki and wait for her to start her quest.

When she looked up, she apparently chose the aggressive dialogue option. Okay, no problem, Elliot could work with that. Channelling Warden-Commander Duncan and Professor Oak and the old cave guy with the sword in Legend of Zelda and he could handle an aggressive protagonist. “Greetings!” he said cheerfully, in what he thought was a very official voice. “I’m Elliot. I’m a prefect, so if you have any questions about things here, you can ask me. It’s my job now. Are you new to magic or just new to RMI?”

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