Mikael Lundqvist

March 13, 2021, 1:35 p.m.

Looking to the future

Sitting back down at the Draco fire, Anssi took a moment to reflect on how he was feeling this Opening Feast and came to the quick discovery that he had no consensus on that. A few big things were different from last year: he was now Head Student (an announcement that hadn’t surprised him at all), he could turn into a goat (which probably wouldn’t come in handy while at school, but the fact he knew how to do it was satisfying), he was now an uncle (he didn’t have much experience with babies, and maybe it was just the timing of her being born right before he left for school, but she was tinier than he had expected - an opinion that Dagny had pulled a face at and pointed out anything larger might not have fit inside her), and it was his last year of school and he still didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life.

Also one of his closest friends had graduated, Drew’s poisoner was still living at RMI, and he had never gotten around to clarifying whatever Kit thought their date had meant before leaving for the summer, so there were some loose threads to deal with this year.

Some things were always the same, though. Despite wearing robes to every feast since first year he had still not found a way to sit down gracefully and always wound up with it bunched uncomfortably underneath him. Fidgeting with the robe’s long ends, Anssi readjusted to sit cross-legged, his choice of slim-fitting jeans and a plain white shirt mostly hidden behind the silvery fabric. Along the way he found a paper still in his pocket from the last time he wore his robes, and on unfolding it Anssi discovered the list of universities he had started writing down as possibilities last year.

Compulsively rubbing the shaved back and sides of his head, the longer dark-blonde middle brushed forward, he sighed as he skimmed the list. It wasn’t as relevant now. After learning about some of the universities Remy had applied to, and doing a bit of his own research at the library on Pearl Street, he had made a list of universities that seemed vaguely interesting. However, he’d since realized that investing that much money into studying in America was not only the most expensive but possibly the most wasteful path he could consider. Joakim, who was his sister’s sambo or common-law partner, had agreed to a few conversations over the summer and happily shared his perspectives on continued education. In the end it was pretty clear that if he wanted to go to university just to “figure himself out”, the smartest option was to return to Sweden or Finland for the sake of free tuition & living stipends. He had since started a new list of possible options, which was more securely stored in his weekly planner.

With a quietly whispered charm, the paper folded up into a bird and he sent it flying into the Draco bonfire where it quickly fizzled into sparks and ash. The smell of various foods as house-elves began circling the hall made him realize that he wasn’t very hungry, but he still took a plate of tabbouleh and pita bread. He’d grown fond of Middle Eastern foods ever since backpacking with Dagny and Jocke in Kazakhstan last summer... a thought that in turn made him realize them having a baby probably meant they wouldn’t get to take a trip like that again for a while. Maybe he should be trying to take more advantage of his freedom post-grad instead of jumping right back into school. “Can I ask your opinion?” he asked the person sitting beside him. “What do you think is the best way to ‘find yourself’ - new experiences or new education? The choice between university or not-university is coming fast for me,” he added by way of explanation, offering a weak grin.

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