March 13, 2021, 7:38 p.m.

...Yes, yes I am

...Oh, okay, so Tycho was absolutely the asshole.

He was definitely still mad, but mostly just at stupid Elliot’s stupid face. Eugene was a good dude, though, and it felt garbagey to be mad at someone actively handing you not only a present but also a handkerchief. Tycho wasn’t actually close to crying, but man, what a guy Eugene was to just have that at the ready.

Tycho tore through the packaging, spurred on by increased curiosity generated by the watermelon option that Eugene stated almost came to exist. Once unwrapped, he examined the present carefully, and this time, for a second, he actually did think he might tear up.

“Dude,” he said, the emotion in his voice. “This is awesome.” As the child of an artist, Tycho definitely had learned to appreciate artistic endeavours both for their aesthetic and humanistic value. “Can I ask the House Elves to hang it up in our room?” He managed to remove his gaze from his own likeness and look back eagerly at Eugene, who was holding two pieces of cake. “And cake?!” he exclaimed. “Is it my birthday or something?”

“Congratulations on Prefect, by the way,” Tycho added, circling back now that he was feeling a little less grouchy about it. “You deserve it.”

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