March 13, 2021, 10:24 p.m.

1, 2, 3, ah-ah-ah

This firstie was a few ingredients short of a cocktail, huh? With most Aquilas, Elliot knew right away why they were put in his house, but he couldn’t tell what Jo’s deal was. She didn’t have the same rule-breaking vibe that everyone else around the bonfire had. Well, except Daphne Lemont, who didn’t seem to want to break rules so much as she wanted other people to bend rules for her.

“Yeah, he is definitely going to prank you,” Elliot repeated, because it was true. Expecting Rob not to prank was like expecting a hinkypunk not to glow and lure people into becoming bog bodies. “Last year he gave pretty much everyone hallucinations for a week. Well, we can’t prove it was him but I don’t think anyone else could’ve done it.”

She wanted a description of the whole house? What was he, a codex? “Rob, not Robert, and he doesn’t like ‘Professor Hier’ either,” Elliot corrected, because he knew how to start there. If Jo wanted to not get pranked, she was going to have to call him Rob. He pointed to where Rob sat on the dais—he was easy to spot, as the only professor who used a wheelchair. “He’s cool, he used to be Aquila’s Quidditch captain when he was in school.”

Oh. Now that was a thought. With Raja graduated, Quidditch captain was going to go to Ruth or… Elliot. Right? The idea of becoming prefect and Aquila Quidditch captain at the same time made Elliot’s brain feel like a sparkler. Hell yes this was going to be the best year. “Do you play Quidditch? I’m our Seeker, the team rocks,” they had lost a game against Cetus by an embarrassing margin last year but Jo didn’t need to know that.

It was hard to give her a who’s who when they were seated around a circular bonfire that blocked their view of more than half the house. Also, what even were house politics? Sounded like more Game of Thrones shit. “No politics,” he said, “we’re all just here to have a good time.” He was pretty sure Daphne was the only pureblood-pureblood in the house. Other than Jo, maybe. Oh, there was something. “Well, okay, not Aquila, and not a prank, but last year, one of the Lyras poisoned her ex for breaking up with her. Like, full-on, poisoning for months, he had to go to the medic and everything. I’d stay away from Darlene Knight,” he named the heiress of one of the most notorious pureblood families in the UK, gesturing over to her at the Lyra bonfire, “no matter how hot she is.”

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