Elisabeth Harris

March 14, 2021, 9:35 a.m.

First time for me!

Elisa knew she had to make a baller impression on her first day of school but mom and Jeb were sooo lame and would not give her a shopping allowance. Which was insane because she needed a uniform. It was like a human right or something and no one could run around in robes twenty-four seven, that was like, so untrendy.

So she did what anyone else would do and made a quick trip to Forever21. All it took was looking a little pregnant walking out the door for her to acquire the cute pair of dark denim shorts and long silver chain that would make her outfit complete. She paired the pinched items with a baggy black t-shirt which she tucked in at the front and black canvas sneakers. Having recently discovered the power of makeup, she then layered on some mascara and a swipe of blue eyeshadow, and finally, Elisa was ready to make her entrance. It just sucked that she had to arrive with her older brother, Eugene. He'd done something weird to his jeans and wanted to hand out some creepy posters he'd made of all his crushes or something, it was so embarrassing. Elisa was glad they did not share a surname and she would have to divulge her relationship with him right away.

Elisa had never portkeyed before and quickly discovered she hated it. Upon arrival she put her hands on her knees and took deep breaths as she waited for the world to stop swaying. She felt a reassuring hand on her back, and guessed it was Eugene. For a moment she did not mind his presence but as her world came into focus she hastily removed herself from him - it was much too early in her school career to be seen with him.

She ran a hand through her short brown hair and swept her eyes around the room in wonderment. Elisa had been camping before but she had never seen anything like the four blazing bonfires inside the walls of RMI. She was so enthralled by the flickering flames that she almost missed her dream catcher turning blue. Elisa did not have many strong feelings about being in Cetus besides relief that she wouldn't have to share living space with Eugene. At least her eyeshadow matched, she supposed. She sat down next to the Head Student because he was cute and because it was important to associate with the powerful, right? Like, she was pretty sure that was how you got invited to parties and people to do your homework for you.

And it worked, he was totally talking to her! Someone so old and hot had never spoken to Elisa before so she didn't want to waste time thinking for a response in case he lost interest and moved on to talk to someone else, so she just opened her mouth and let the word vomit out.

"I've heard it's kinda hard to stay alive here. So staying alive would be good. Like I wanna learn about poisons and setting fires but I don't wanna be set on fire." She waved her arms erratically as she talked, brown eyes leaping from the boys face to the fire and back, her voice rising higher with each word. "Oh and I wanna hookup with someone," she giggled.

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