Jason Fitz

March 14, 2021, 10:07 a.m.

That just sounds dirty

Overall summer had been okay, Jace guessed, except for the part where him and Jake had spent most of it grounded because parents super sucked. Like okay sure, maybe they’d accidentally lured a Muggle to the crick and sure, maybe they’d used some dungbombs to explode mud in the Muggle’s face, and sure, maybe that was only technically not a violation of the International Code of Secrecy but in their defense the kid was kind of a jerk and there was totally no way a Muggle could know that there were dungbombs hidden in the mud. Muggles didn’t even know what dungbombs were, to suspect! Mom and Dad hadn’t been thrilled about it though so the younger Fitz twins had spent practically the entire summer stuck inside, which was a total bummer considering that they spent most of their year in an underground school and the weather in Missouri was killer this year. Global warming? Probably, but Jace was down to enjoy himself until the entire earth combusted or iced over or whatever, like in that one movie. Except he couldn’t because “”apparently”” using magic to prank Muggles was “”unethical””. Ugh.

So weirdly it was a good break to come back to RMI on September 1st, even though Jace still hated Portkeys. The twins landed next to each other, both sitting on their trunks, with a ka-THUNK in the entrance hall of RMI, at which point Jake promptly threw up and Jace promptly mocked him for it. He did try to Vanish the mess, which only like one-quarter worked but Jace figured it was a good enough try and the house-elves would probably clean the rest of it up because come on, it wasn’t like Jake was the only dude puking around here. Beth was actually looking green across the hall (literally, which was pretty cool) (but not like someone had turned her green) (although that might be a really good prank to start the year off).

By this point, Jace was good enough at navigating the Opening Feast that he was probably never going to make the mega embarrassing mistake he’d made his first year by going to the wrong fire, but he gave Jake a friendly shove just before they separated to go to their separate fires. Jake shoved him back, and they almost got into a play tussle before Jace hissed “Fell” at his brother and jerked his head towards their jerk of a Deputy Headmaster, who definitely looked like he was glancing their way.

“Bye dumbass,” Jace said, turning towards the Aquila fire. Jake made a particularly rude gesture back.

It had initially been really weird when Jake and Jace had been Sorted into different Houses, but now that they were a few years in, Jace was actually pretty okay with it. He loved his brother and they still hung out a lot, but for Jace’s entire life until RMI he had been a part of “Jake-and-Jace” and nobody really saw him as his own person. Now at RMI, he had plenty of people who saw him as his own person even if they still liked Jake, and even a few people who didn’t like Jake very much who liked him - there had been an incident with Jake and Beth last term that left them both pretty pissed at each other. It was a little awkward having his prank-nemesis hate his twin brother, but like also Jake probably shouldn’t have been that much of a jerk, and Jace didn’t so much spend time hanging out with Beth as he spent pranking her and/or planning revenge for the last prank she’d pulled on him.

He sat down at the Aquila fire next to Paige Blair, mostly because he could tell that the Headmaster was about to start talking and he didn’t want to be that kid awkwardly standing up when that happened. Toby did his usual thing, blah blah Head Students blah blah prefe - wait hold up, Sadie was getting Prefect? What the heck? Well sure, maybe she hadn’t gotten in as much trouble as some people - like Jace was pretty dang sure that nobody was ever going to get in as much trouble as that sixth year last year, Darlene, who had apparently tried to actually kill Drew Tennant. Which like, why would you try to kill someone at school, and also why Drew? Jace liked Drew, he was the editor for the paper and seemed like a pretty cool dude. He’d heard from Violet Rosse that it was actually because Drew got Darlene pregnant, which Jace thought was pretty wild because again, Drew, nice guy, but anything was technically possible.

Toby’s speech was quick, which Jace was thankful for because he was hungry. He grabbed a stick with what looked like meat on it and enthusiastically bit into it and found out that it was just really well disguised tofu. Gross. He was eyeing it skeptically, wondering if he should bother continuing (it did have barbeque sauce on it so it couldn’t be the actual worst, right?) when Paige said something to him in her weird TV-Aussie accent and Jace realized that she might have thought he was staring at her.

“Uh, what?” he said blankly. “Ripe as...what?” Jace looked at his tofu and then looked at her spaghetti. Then he looked at his tofu again and offered it to Paige. “If it’s too ripe, or whatever, you can try this. Tofu isn’t my thing.”

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