Katherine Kendrick

March 14, 2021, 10:34 a.m.

By my favorite guest

Sitting at the Lyra bonfire for her last Opening Feast ever, Kit had never felt this terrible in her entire life.

When Kit had started RMI, the thing she wanted most of all was to have a roommate that she was best friends forever with, just like Marissa and Rose were best friends forever. Marissa and Rose were so cool. They were super fashionable and wore clothes that Kit still didn’t think she could pull off - she’d tried briefly to wear cool and fashionable clothes, but they had been uncomfortable and she hadn’t liked them, and it hadn’t taken her very long to revert back to her skirts and Disney-patterned leggings and t-shirts with animated (Disney or anime) characters on them. Darlene and Kit had started off okay but then they spent some time hating each other, mostly because Darlene was really mean to Darby. Of course, Kit could see now - she had visited Darby over the summer and he was both huge and kind of inclined to eat people - that Darlene had kind of had a point when she’d disliked Darby, but it was still speciest. But Kit had forgiven Darlene after the other girl had bought her a bearded dragon, who Kit had named Brewey.

And then it seemed like everything would be perfect going forward. Darlene was dating Drew and they were perfect together, and everything was great. But then Drew had broken up with Darlene for Remy. Kit felt bad for Remy, because it was clear that Darlene was Drew’s True Love, so Kit hoped that Remy found someone nice at college to date instead of Drew. She probably had a True Love out there too, and Kit thought that Remy had always been super nice and totally deserved a True Love. Just not Drew.

And then things had gone all wrong. Kit and Darlene had gently poisoned Drew last year and somehow Drew figured it out, and then Darlene had gotten in trouble. So much trouble that she was basically in school-jail forever, Kit no longer had a roommate, but worst of all Kit was just as guilty as Darlene but she didn’t get in any trouble. At all. Darlene had talked Kit out of confessing, which maybe made everything so much worse because now Kit had a huge massive secret and if there was anything Kit was catastrophically terrible at, it was secrets.

So she was just sitting there and miserable, when Darlene came and sat next to her. Kit felt a little bit better. Even if they were no longer roommates, Darlene had proved that she was best friends with Kit for life, maybe even better friends than Rose and Marissa were (especially now that Marissa had a dumb girlfriend and Rose had moved away with Emmett).

Headmaster Toby gave his speech but Kit couldn’t even pay attention. It was only when Darlene asked her if she was okay that Kit pushed her frizzy red hair behind one ear and turned to look at her former roommate. “I’m okay,” she said, pretty unconvincingly. “I’m glad that we’re back, I missed you. Even if we aren’t roommates anymore.” Kit suddenly felt her eyes feel hot and prickly as tears threatened to make an appearance. She had never thought her seventh year at RMI would be like this.

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