March 14, 2021, 10:46 a.m.

Let me pass on my advice

Okay. Two things. Number one, while asking a first year seemed like a good idea for this question on the surface (they should be all full of hope and optimism and curiosity and fresh ideas), Drew had somehow asked the wrongest first year. For most interested people at RMI, hooking up with someone was a given, although it was very weird to hear an eleven-year-old say it. It was also something Drew wouldn’t be doing at RMI this year, since his girlfriend was two time zones away.

And as a goal, staying alive was something he’d taken for granted during his school career. Now, after last year he wasn’t taking anything for granted, safety-wise, but he was also pretty sure he hadn’t come close to dying. No one had died at RMI the whole time he’d been living here, despite poison and fires. So he had already completed one of her bucket list items and more or less failed the other.

Number two, how did a new student know about the poison and fires? Maybe she was a younger sibling, but Drew couldn’t quite match her face to any of the students he knew.

Trying to steer her away from the sex-and-drugs types of goals, Drew said, “I was thinking more something like becoming an Animagus.” Maybe he’d do that this year. Drew had always thought that particular bit of magic was way too complicated for him, but Aaron was a good teacher, and he needed a capstone project for Spellwork.

“Anyway, I don’t think you have to worry about getting poisoned or set on fire,” Drew said, despite the fact that a poisoner and a fire-setter were in the room. He wasn’t going to define his year by the poisoning (Levi would be proud), but he could reassure the first year. “It doesn’t happen much. Just maybe don’t hook up with purebloods,” he added dryly. Whenever anyone did an intense, complicated revenge spell, you could be pretty sure it was a pureblood. “When you’re old enough for that,” he said hastily.

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