Eugene Hardie

March 14, 2021, 11:30 a.m.

Acceptance is the first step

Eugene's heart soared. Tycho did like the painting, he even wanted to hang it up in their room! "Yeah, of course," Eugene said eagerly and licked at the frosting on his own slice of cake. Tycho really was a great roommate. He ranked way higher than Leo, who'd had a habit of accidentally locking Eugene out of their room, and JJ, who would crawl into Eugene’s bed at night and demand they play eye spy (a game made exceedingly more difficult when played in the dark).

“Congratulations on Prefect, by the way...You deserve it.”

"Thanks," Eugene said, feeling chuffed all over again. "I thought it might be you or Norah," his cheeks coloured as he mentioned the girl he had had a confusing courtship with last year, but he did his best to ignore the unpleasant feelings, "but I'm totally ready to give it my best shot - y'know once I figure out what it is a prefect actually does. I'll ask Joey later, he normally knows things. Well, mostly he knows about relationship stuff, but I bet he can figure it out. But what about you, any plans for the year?"

Although he was concerned about Drew and Madeline with Kit and her cronies still stalking the halls, Eugene had never been so excited for a new school year. Fifth year sounded so grown up and was certain to be filled with opportunities for Eugene and his friends. Their little group had never felt more important to him and seeing all of them for the first time in weeks had put him on such a high that he could not help but feel so incredibly lucky to be Eugene Hardie right now.

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