Jacob Fitz

Oct. 1, 2019, 2:11 p.m.

Pineapple but I'm allergic to Pineapple!

Summer had been quiet too quiet for the likes of Jacob Fitz. Jake and his twin brother Jace had bummed around the house mostly. Jake had spent some time with Jenna his now favorite of his two older siblings. Jenna had helped Jake find more fashion he’d look good in and even charmed a few pieces for him so they would fit even when he hit a growth spurt. Damn having an older sister was cool.

Today the Fitz twins were returning to RMI for their second year. Jake was excited to get back to school. At least at school mom and dad weren’t there to boss them around and sure the teachers did that but no one really watched them in their houses. As long as he was in his house at curfew he was golden that meant no bedtime for the second year. Jake usually crashed around midnight at school but here at home, his parents had a strict ten pm bedtime. It was super lame.

Jake hugged his parents and Jenna goodbye before giving Jeremy a fist pound and then he was off to RMI. When he landed he gave his twin a slap on the back before he scampered off to the Lyra fire.

Jake sat down careful not to scuff his new sneakers that had fireworks exploding on them. His black jeans were cuffed to show off the magical sneakers and he wore a golden t-shirt with a black hooded jacket over it. His dark blonde hair was perfectly bed headed and his smile reached his blue eyes. He plopped down and watched as everyone filed into the Finer Diner. He didn’t really listen to the headmaster speech and once it was done he looked over at his fellow Lyras. “Can we get a more exciting speech next year? Let’s throw in fireworks or smoke bombs or something.” he said with a sigh.

The second year absentmindedly grabbed something off a tray. He glanced down at what looked like to him to be fried rice with pineapple and ham mixed in. He scrunched up his nose and thrust it towards the person next to him. “What this? It’s got pineapple in it and I’m allergic.”

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