Angelo Cozzolino

March 14, 2021, noon

Well, that's a combination of words.

Angel was going to be sick. Not from the portly--no, that's how he and his primarily traveled to visit his Noni.

He was going to be sick from excitement--and possibly fear, considering how many people were around currently. Yeah, he wasn't prepared for that.

Maybe he was feeling...nervous? His Noni had told him not to feel nervous. Is this what nervous felt like? Like you're gonna throw up? He certainly hoped not. Angel had never really felt nervous before. Certainly uncomfortable, in multiple situations, but this felt...different. He didn't feel uncomfortable, just out of place--which was also very new, considering he'd never felt out of place anywhere--for Merlin's sake, was a Cozzolino!

The whole sorting thing was a total blur. Like his dreamcatcher turned a certain color but Angel was too busy looking around and so when he was pushed in the direction of a certain bonfire, he just went. He spotted a kid probably a little older than him reading, a...what looked like a heavy paper bag next to his side. It kinda grossed him out a little but like, this was a chance to make a friend maybe?

So, the handsome kid plastered on a sunshine smile, walked over, and then was met with a peculiar question. His smile only faltered for a short second and then went firmly back into place. "I unfortunately don't what that means, but it's nice to meet you," he replied, then stuck out a hand. "I'm Angel." Then he thought about the paper bag again and quickly retracted the outstretched. "What's your name?"

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