March 14, 2021, 3:01 p.m.

What about 'older and wiser'?

Odd as it was, the most Joey’d learned about Madeleine was since his sister joined him at school. Mad was only a coupla years under him but it was far enough that she wasn’t ‘zactly in his cobbers group, so it wasna like they hung out or anything outside of crossed tails in the Draco commons. But Paige, already one for yakking on about her mates back home, had started doin’ the same about her new ones at RMI. Most of it went through his ears like they were paint. He couldna care less bout who was dating or drugging up behind the shed or dying -- mkay no, the fact Trystan in Cetus was tryna get siggies for a weed petition on campus was hilarious, and he deffo cared when people might be dying. He wasn’t a politician.

Which kinda looped him around to the point of this brain-train. He’d long matched from names that there was teacher/kid family stuff going on at RMI beyond his own aunty, but honestly the only reason he remembered the almost-dead guy last year was Mad’s brother was cos Paige had yakked it to him, which was also how he knew they lived here, like, for real. The idea of living at school permanent was so far outta Joey’s mind it seemed like a nightmare. Cordin’ to Jarrett, who was actually from Boulder (basically a walk off Pearl Street by the sounds of it), the city was a dece place in the summertime, but livin’ in the city was a hard diff from livin’ underground with your teachers, even if your teach was also your dad. He couldn’t imagine it.

Seemed Mad had enjoyed it, though. “Fair on,” Joey acknowledged before glancing down at the badge on his chest. She thought he was gonna be great at it? He felt as motivated as a muddy ‘bout the whole bit - but hey, just like mud crabs would pinch on any stick waved over their dumb lil heads, he’d take any support tossed his way. Heck knew Paige wouldn’t offer up any. “Well ta, guess I’ll give it a good crack.” Part thanks, part turndown, it was the best he could do.

Then she said his lipstick was fine and Joey did a frown. “Huh? I’m not…” Having moved on auto to touch his lips, he saw his fingers come away red and twigged straight away this was leftovers from Tayla, brown eyes turning big wide. “Oh, shite. That ain’t mine.” Going temp brain-dead on the fact he was a wizard and didn’t need to do stuff the manual way, the teen grabbed a tissue outta his pocket and scrubbed it over his face. “All gone now?” he quizzed her, worriedly eyeing the smeary tissue. It looked like so much. And girls had smaller faces which meant smaller mouths, too; where’d she even keep it all? “It ain’t mine,” Joey felt the need to justify himself, because he sure wasn’t a makeup type of guy. “I was just macking this girl before coming over ‘n musta missed cleaning up.” Well that part should be obvs, with his whole beach look today.

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