March 14, 2021, 4:49 p.m.

...I have so many questions I don't want answers to

You would think that after three years of Joey and two years of Paige, Jace would have figured out how to understand Australians, but he was dang sure that understanding Australian and understanding something like Spanish were probably pretty similar. Like technically Paige and Joey spoke English, but like...did they though? Jace liked both of them and had spent some time out of class with them, although admittedly not as often as with Dea or Beth or Sadie. Although Paige was in Aquila, she actually got along really well with Jake. Jake got along very well with her, and Jace woulda put a Galleon down that Jake had a crush on her. Overall, Jace and Joey were mostly chill together, and Joey was one of the few people Jace trusted the notes from on the rare days Jace had to miss class for being sick. But yeah, deciphering the Aussie? Took some effort.

The fakeout internet the school had was also the most useless thing. Jace wasn’t one of those emo internet kids who spent too much time talking to their virtual friends, but he appreciated the internet for the quick availability of information. Jace was dang sure that if he had access to the internet he’d be having an easier time with the Blairs. By the time they hit summer, the last thing he or Jake wanted to do was think about school, or school people.

He could figure out most of what Paige was saying though, and snorted when she referred to the tofu as ‘faking it up’ because, truth. Jace could believe that tofu tasted okay when it was supposed to be in something, but when food was supposed to be made out of meat it should be made out of meat. Not that Jace had like, an issue with vegetarians or vegans or whatever, but it wasn’t something he would ever do, not even on a dare and Jace would do almost anything on a dare. But Paige was being a total bro and swapping with him for what she was calling ‘spag bowl’ and what he would call ‘pasta and sauce’ because what the heck kinda pasta didn’t have meat in the sauce.

“Thanks man,” Jace said, swapping with her. “What d’you normally have in pasta sauce? Like do you have a special name for spag...not-bol? Just spag?” Wow even just saying it like that sounded dirty, and kinda like something he shouldn’t be saying to a girl who was younger than him. The kinda thing Jenna would smack him upside the head for sayin’ to a girl at all.

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