March 16, 2021, 11:29 p.m.

Then keep 'em to yourself and shush

“What? Nick off, Jace,” she laughed, shoving his shoulder. “Who’d eat plain spag?” She’d seen spag with butter on American TV shows before, like, only butter, and the whole thought was just gross. Maybe if you were a little sprog with no teeth yet it made sense to skip the mince, but outside of that? Ew no. Some foods were just meant to be fixed up together. “Don’t tell me you’re one of ‘em flogs who’s into, like…” Paige tried to think of an American-y sampler that’d click with his head. “Like goin’ to Macca’s and gettin’ chips without tomato sauce. If that’s your type, you’re wrong and I don’t know you.”

Balancing Jace’s plate on her knees, she picked up one of the kabobs and spun the stick between her fingers - slowly, so the barbie sauce didn’t go flinging. She wasn’t feelin’ super op about the whole thing but took a bite anyhow, and did a bit of a sigh while chewing it up. Turned out it was just what she’d thought, which was fake chook. Lame-o. But doing a double-back on a mate woulda been lamer-o, and Paige’d made a commitment, so she was gonna see it out.

‘Course this was when the twitchy feeling came back, cos her life was one big wildin’ joke outta the bush. She managed to keep the food in her mouth this time at least, but with a sudden flail, she watched as the whole kabob went flying across to Draco and whacked Joey’s roomie in the head. “Whoops!” she announced, totally not necessary, and then hunched down right quick to hide behind Jace as Jarro gave a yelp and spun around in place looking for whodunnit. Paige smacked her hands over her mouth, shoulders doing a shimmy under her robes with the giggles. “Whoops,” she repeated quieter once she had herself more-or-less under control, cautiously peering around Jace as she sat back up. “I swear that tofu wasn’t total crank.”

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