Connor Farnon

March 15, 2020, 11:07 a.m.

What's a guy to do?

It was October but the entire first month of school had passed in something of a haze for Connor. He was still attending classes, of course, and doing his coursework, but that somehow made it worse because Claudia wasn’t talking to him. Well, that was perhaps something of an overstatement. Claudia was being perfectly cordial to him, but they were partnering in classes less often than they had for their entire time at RMI together. It was never anything obvious, it just seemed that they missed each other more often than not now. For some reason, nobody else in their classes seemed particularly enthused to work with Connor either, which had left him rather out of sorts. They would still spend time together in a group, but never on their own which, while somewhat understandable given their ages and responsibility for the reputation for their families, but at the same time something of a - change, from where things had been left off the prior year.

And then there was the bit where Claudia had actually gotten engaged over the summer. Receiving that owl had been more or less equivalent to being bludgeoned over the head and left in an alleyway.

He had been moping on and off since then, and it was with a heavy heart that he went to lunch that day knowing that he would not, in fact, be sitting with Claudia. Alena had taken to taking a meal or two with him occasionally, but they didn’t have anything planned for today so Connor walked into the Finer Diner alone and sat at a table, helping himself to a white roll, a touch of margarine, and some chicken that didn’t look too heavily spiced. Chicken was usually safe, but sometimes RMI’s house-elves incorporated food that Connor had been told was called “tex-mex” in the States but tasted absolutely abominable.

Concentrating on his food and ignoring everyone around him, Connor only began paying attention to his surroundings once again when someone managed to trip over the messenger bag he had recently traded his blue backpack for.

“Could you please watch your step?” he asked, more than a little annoyed but attempting to be polite, bending down to right his bag without looking up to see who it was.

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