Remington Burnham

March 15, 2020, 1:25 p.m.

We'll certainly see

If anything, Remington could be thankful for how busy sixth year could be. It gave her the chance to dive headfirst into schoolwork instead of focusing on other things that made her anxious. All of the social stuff surrounding her was confusing and complicated. Schoolwork wasn’t. There were right and wrong answers, theories to study, and problems with actual solutions.

Anything outside of schoolwork was too much. Her feelings about Drew - well, she couldn’t acknowledge those. They were best friends, and he was still dating Darlene. Knowing she liked Drew would lead to nothing but trouble. Shoving that deep, deep down was best for everyone involved. Ruining their friendship was a terrible decision she refused to make.

Outside of the Drew confusion, she tried to make other things work. Marley asked her on a date, again, and this time, they made it happen. Remington didn’t enjoy it as much as she thought she was supposed to, though, and wasn’t sure how to break it to Marley. The Draco liked her enough, but she didn’t know Marley, really. It was hard to try and be into someone she didn’t fully know like a best friend. It made Remington feel wrong, somehow. Other people could do that, like someone without that close connection, so why couldn’t she?

Like, Claudia was betrothed to someone she didn’t know all that well and seemed perfectly happy about it. Her friend had a crush on her betrothed for a long time, despite the slight age difference, and that seemed to be enough for the pureblood. Part of Remington wished she could be like that. She didn’t understand it, but she assumed it was easier than whatever this feeling was. She was happy that Claudia was happy, even if she was a little weirded out by traditions she didn’t necessarily agree with, and she hoped her friend knew that.

Instead of focusing on these things, Remington chose to study really hard for animagus and her other classes. Her nose was stuck in a spellwork book, reading the latest chapter assigned by Professor McKindy, as she walked into the Finer Diner. She accidentally tripped over someone’s bag that had been irresponsibly in the walkway, and she stumbled forward.

“Could you please watch your step?”

Oh Merlin, of course it was Connor. Remington nearly snapped her reply, that she wouldn’t have to look if he’d kept his stuff out of the way, but she stopped herself. Everyone knew Connor was having a rough time. Only a complete idiot would have missed his crush on Claudia; the engagement probably ruined his life. Remington adjusted her own backpack on her shoulders and sighed. Better to be kind than beat a guy down at his lowest. “Sorry. I was focused on Professor McKindy’s latest assignment for sixth years. He’s not joking around. Was he this tough on you all last year?”

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