Connor Farnon

March 15, 2020, 6:14 p.m.

I thought you knew all the answers

Oh Merlin bless it was Remington, the essential bane of his existence. Prior to her becoming inexplicably friends with Claudia, everything had been fine - and while Connor couldn’t precisely blame her for Claudia getting engaged, he certainly could mark a distinct change in affairs after Remington had become involved. Even though nobody knew that Connor was absolutely devoted to Claudia, he suspected that Remington had been instrumental in driving them apart. Very little else could explain the term thus far.

But Remington was being...nice to him? Connor blinked and tried not to show how surprised he was, but he had never been a superb actor. For years, he and Remington had sniped at each other, most lately behind Claudia’s back, but now she was being nice to him. He had heard from an extremely scandalized Alena, during one of their lunches, that Marley and Remington had gone on a date together and had subsequently stabbed a small potato with enough ferocity that it spun across the table. What was it about this school that made half the student body so deviant in nature? Was it an American thing? Connor was positive they didn’t have this problem at Hogwarts.

Yet here they were.

“McKindy certainly takes his work seriously,” Connor said dryly, and then almost added a comment about the professor’s lifestyle choices but stopped himself. Remington was being polite, and honestly so few people besides Alena had bothered to talk to him since the school year had begun, so despite his past feelings about Remington he was loathe to alienate her. After a slightly painful silence, he made an effort to continue the conversation. “So are you enjoying being a lesbian?”

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