Remington Burnham

March 16, 2020, 7:51 p.m.

I never know with you

Time slowed as Connor and Remington looked at each other. Being kind came naturally to the Draco, but whenever she had to try with Connor, there was a snag. How could someone go through seven years at Rocky Mountain International and still turn out like… that? This school offered plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Before meeting Claudia, Remington never would have thought anything positive about pureblood betrothals. She still didn’t understand them, but she saw how happy Claudia was. That was growth. The fact that purebloods like Connor and Darlene and the rest of that group seemed so stagnant was just weird.

Still, maybe something was changing. Instead of being completely rude and awful, Connor answered. And it was… a normal human response?

“Yeah.” She tried to think of something else to say in this moment of calm civility, but nothing came to mind. Remington doubted that Connor would want to talk to her about Spellwork. Seventh year Spellwork operated more like an independent study than other years. She could ask him what he was learning, see if that was a conversation topic the two of them could handle. Yes, that’s what she’d bring up. Stay on the Spellwork topic.

“So are you enjoying being a lesbian?”

Oh. Okay. Skipping right past the Spellwork talk to That, then. She blinked her brown eyes and decided that this was actually happening. She could just walk away, but… this seemed to be Connor actually trying? Which was kind of pathetic, really. Remington sighed and sat down across from the Cetus. She removed her backpack and placed it under the table in front of her, pointedly out of the aisle (unlike where Connor’s messenger bag had been). She straightened her maroon skirt.

“If you’re asking about my date with Marley, it was fine.” She briefly chewed on her bottom lip. “I’m not a lesbian, though.” Remington didn’t know what she was, but even if she did, it wasn’t Connor’s business. It wasn’t anyone’s but her own until she was ready. She looked at Connor, puzzled, and tilted her head slightly to one side. Keeping her tone as nonacusatory as possible, Remington asked a question of her own. “Why would you ask me that… that way? You have just asked if I had a good date.”

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