Magdalena Adler

March 22, 2020, 9:31 a.m.

betrothed, intended, affianced

Magdalena Adler was officially betrothed to Nolan Ramsey and schoolwork - which had never been a priority - became even less significant as Alena’s mind became entirely consumed by thoughts of her upcoming nuptials. Cocooned in her own happiness it took Alena some time to recognise that not all her friends were experiencing the same run of good luck. Claudia was also progressing toward married life which left Alena in a state of delirium, that was only dampened by the air of desolation which drifted around poor, naive Connor. He had always been so devoted to Claudia and she was so fond of him in return, but it had been obvious to everyone that nothing solid could ever be built on their feelings for each other - regardless of the depth of Connor’s admiration. Pity was not an attractive feeling and yet it was all that she could direct toward Connor. She had taken to inviting him to lunch with her in the hope that she might alleviate his loneliness, and boost his frail ego, by pointing his head in the direction of some more suitable romantic partners, but so far he had not been tempted. Today she had decided to give herself a reprieve and had avoided calling Connor to her table, so that she may enjoy her bliss and not be burdened by the blight of guilt that sprouted in his presence.

She had assembled a stack of magazines and was idly flicking through them hoping to chance upon a dress that would leave her heart souring. She wanted to feel like a princess but it was difficult to find a balance between elegant regality and classless frivolity within the glossy pages of the bridal magazine.

“What do you think?” she asked the person seated opposite, whilst giving the current projection popping up from the pages of the magazine - a simple wedding gown with a long train - a twirl with her finger so that they might analyse the dress from all angles. “It’s just for inspiration, you understand.”

Alena’s dress would be custom made by Parisian designer, Alix Duval. Duval was a family friend who ran a small boutique and was, Charline insisted, about to blow up. Magdalena rarely trusted her sister’s advice but she could not fault Charline’s fashion expertise. Yet, she could not turn to her sister in these early stages. She would knock all of Magdalena’s personality from the frock without a second of hesitation unless Alena could be firm about her vision for the wedding day. She knew she wanted to be married outdoors in Oklahoma but she wanted to incorporate elements of French and German culture into the proceedings to pacify her family. She would speak to Nolan and see which elements of her heritage spoke to him. Perhaps they would have a Polterband so that some of their acquaintances from lower ranks in society (who would not be permitted to attend the ceremony) might partake in the celebrations.

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betrothed, intended, affianced - Magdalena Adler || March 22
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