Connor Farnon

March 22, 2020, 5:42 p.m.

That's me, predictable as a peach

This was probably the weirdest conversation Connor had ever had with Remington, mostly because when she took offense for literally no reason at something that he had asked in a perfectly polite manner, she didn’t act like an absolute child about it. Typically Remington would get defensive and start accusing him of things, or stomp off to Claudia and tattle on him and then Connor would have to explain to Claudia that it had been a simple misunderstanding. For someone who was said to be smart, Connor’s opinion was that Remington was sorely lacking in social skills. Of course, it wasn’t strictly her fault for not having grown up in polite society, but after this much time at RMI with such positive influences as Magdalena and Claudia, Connor could scarcely believe she had not picked up such minor things as how to have a conversation.

Except apparently she had, now, at least partially. Remington admittedly did not understand the concept of someone asking a question they wanted an answer to, but it was a step up from her fuming at him and storming away or some such.

It would, of course, be rude for Connor to point out that he did not give a single beetle’s eyeball about Remington’s feelings about her date with Marley. If they had been friends, perhaps, he would have enquired about it - he and Nolan had talked about Alena a few times, although not in depth - but he was decidedly not friends with Remington or Marley, as Marley had made multiple attempts on his life during their school career. Connor had a moment of weakness in his past wherein he considered a clandestine agreement with Marley, but ultimately had not gone through. The cultural differences were simply too severe for that to work out appropriately.

“I was not asking about your date,” Connor clarified. “I was asking about how you are enjoying your new choice in lifestyle.” He left it unspoken that he did not think it appropriate for Remington to endanger Claudia’s status by continuing to spend time with her while engaging in lesbian pursuits, but Connor assumed that Remington would understand his opinion on that front without him having to explicitly state it. “Although apparently I was mistaken,” he added, and then stiffly followed it up with “my apologies.”

Perhaps Remington had been trying to compensate for the fact that no boy in the school was willing to take her out and had attempted lesbianism in an attempt to cope. Connor did feel bad for her on that front. There had been so much nonsense surrounding Remington in years prior, and yet not a single one of the people who had created said nonsense had bothered to take her out. It must be positively humiliating to experience something like that.

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