William Bloom

May 13, 2020, 1:33 p.m.

Dying of boredom - quietly

Will scowled at the parchment in front of him, scratching out the last sentence of the essay he was writing on - well, nothing it felt like. He’d taken to forcing himself to write essays that weren’t related to his actual homework. He’d taken to muggle studies recently and the Salem Witch trials. The book The Scars of Salem: Essays on the Witch Trials of 1692 sat collecting dust on the table in front of him as he twirled the quill between his fingers. He’d made his topic simple in an attempt to make his entrance into extracurricular studies smoother. All he’d required of himself was to write fourteen inches on the impact the trials had to modern American wizardry. The current result was a slew of scratched out lines and blotted paper. Honestly, he’d rather be writing another essay on the Goblin Rebellions than doing his own self-assigned project.

It was just that the wizarding side of it was so boring. Muggles freaked out and some witches got caught in the crossfire. What he was more interested in was the Muggle side of it all. It intrigued him how the idea of magic and witches could spark such panic in a population that had so much interest in sci-fi and fantasy. Given, that was more of a modern take on it, but still was it such an outrageous thought that there were people who were more in touch with nature and the rest of the world? The societies hadn’t changed so much in four-hundred years, at least that’s how he felt about it.

The fifth year pushed his thick framed glasses back up his nose, leaning back in his chair with a sigh as he opted to ignore the work in front of him. Maybe this whole thing was stupid but he was just bored. Nothing excited him at RMI, not like Hogwarts had, and he struggled to adjust even as he neared the midway point of his first year there. For the fifteen year old, dying was likely a better option than continuing to sit around. Shaking his head, he pushed out of the chair, trying not to make too much noise in the library as he scooped up the book to reshelve it, crumpling the paper at the same time. With an uneasy aim, he chucked it towards the nearest waste bin, frowning when it bounced off and rolled towards another student, knocking into their foot.

He walked over, arm still wrapped around the book and offered a sheepish smile. “Sorry,” he said quietly, motioning to the crumpled ball. “Missed the rubbish bin, just gonna grab it and I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Will believed in allowing people their peace, especially when it came to reading or studying. The library was a nice space and he definitely didn’t want to disrupt the quiet.

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