Magdalena Adler

Sept. 5, 2020, 2:34 p.m.

True love IS everlasting [DREW]

Darlene and Drew had a great love story - the kind that got made into sweeping romance novels to be fed to young girls and bored wives married to men who felt more like fathers than husbands. A definite best seller.

It was an epic ‘love defies everything’ kind of story and Drew Tennant fit the role of the leading man perfectly. He was handsome and clever, with a warm heart, and the manners of a perfect gentleman despite the unfortunate circumstances of his birth. And Magdalena would be lying if she said that Drew’s wide smile hadn’t made her heart flutter on occasion. She had watched with mixture of thrill and concern as he had pursued a relationship with Darlene Knight amongst a sea of uncertainties and did not waver as societal pressures tried to sink them.

Darlene had Magdalena’s greatest sympathies. Why wouldn’t Darlene hold out hope for reconciliation, because isn’t that what always happened - the two lovers are torn apart only to find each other in the book’s closing chapters?

Except there was one glaring difference between the ageless story of star-crossed lovers and the one which had just come to an abrupt end at Rocky Mountain International; after securing the reluctant support of his beloved’s family and friends the boy did not normally wake up one morning and decide to stop loving the girl.

Alena had been shaken when the news had first reached her, and it had pulled into question everything she had thought about Andrew Tennant. Perhaps Drew wasn’t such a gentleman after all, he certainly wasn’t being very considerate of Darlene’s situation. It might be different for someone of his social status but Darlene could not simply wipe the slate clean and begin anew. People talked. Word of Darlene’s dalliance with Drew hadn’t stayed safely nestled away at RMI.

With some discomfort Magdalena had to accept her own role in taking the information out of obscurity and bringing it to the attention of European society, but she had been a foolish girl then and could not carry the full burden of Drew’s action’s last term. After all he was supposed to have been a man madly in love with a beautiful witch. Alena could not have known all them years ago that he would not take his commitment to Darlene seriously.

Magdalena had never come to anger easily. Anger required a level of passion her timidness forbid but as she sat at home thinking about how fortunate she was to have a relationship sustained by an unspoken mutual respect and a happy married life waiting for her in just a few short months, she thought about darling Darlene, and she thought of how Drew’s seduction may have stolen a similar bright future from her friend, and she grew livid.

You could not just mess with a girl’s reputation and then walk away,

Alena would not allow it.

Her first act as Head Student was to compose a letter to Drew Tennant asking for him to meet her to discuss some business related to the school newspaper. She had selected the library for the meeting as it was a location which forced civility and would hopefully allow both parties to keep their tempers in check, and made sure to arrive early so that when Drew entered Magdalena was sitting straight backed in a chair. Her face was composed in a genial smile of greeting. “Good, you made it,” she said sweetly. She gestured for him to take the seat opposite her and began shuffling a stack of papers before placing them firmly back down on the table. “I trust you are well?” She did not wait for him to respond before letting the smile slip and diving straight in with her agenda.

“You need to make things right with Darlene.”

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