Magdalena Adler

Sept. 5, 2020, 4:10 p.m.

Maybe we should turn the clock back

Alena let out a breath of air and relaxed into her chair. She realized now that she had been a little worried about how he might react. There had been rumours about Drew’s temper but Alena had always had difficulty believing them and it was reassuring to see that some of her old opinions on Drew still held up.

He was not an unreasonable person and she was sure they could come away from this conversation with a shared understanding. Drew had never been her friend but she had always liked him, even when she did not approve of his relationship with Darlene, and she did not want this to burn any bridges which may exist between them.

“I do care about Darlene,” she confirmed, leaning across the table and fixing her gaze on his, “and I believe that you care about her too.”

“And I cannot imagine the difficulties you personally must have faced during your years of courtship.” She paused and looked down, pushing her papers around in a moment of nervousness. Alena knew that if she could make Drew recognise the selfishness of his actions he would be duty bound to right the situation and commit to Darlene once again but she was starting to feel the full weight of responsibility that came with the act of salvaging another’s future.

“I do not doubt that you handled everything,” her voice wavered, but she forced herself to say the words, “respectfully. But I wonder if you took the time to truly think about what was best for Darlene. To think about how your relationship has affected her and will continue to affect her life. I suppose, what I’m asking is; do you understand the perilous position that you have left her in?”

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