Sadie Embers

Sept. 5, 2020, 10:14 p.m.

Who am I???

When Sadie Embers walked into Rocky Mountain International’s library all by herself, one of the portraits looked at her in complete disbelief. She got it. The Cetus never spent time in the library without JD - it was one of the easiest places outside of the secret passageways to spend time together, and she got the feeling the pompous popstar preferred making out if there was an audience involved. She didn’t even like JD, but what else was she supposed to do at this boring underground school? Today, though, Sadie wanted to use the library for its actual purpose.

Granted, she had no idea if the library would help her, but she’d heard books had answers or whatever.

She claimed a table in one of the back corners by throwing her backpack across it. Several pens, scattered papers, and loose cheese puffs flew out of the the partially unzipped bag to cement her spot. It took her a moment to figure out where to even go.

Over the summer, Sadie tried to get a little more information about her birth family from her mom. Cosette never wanted to say more, though, and always pretended to know nothing. She believed that her dad knew nothing, but her mom? There was no way she didn’t know where Sadie came from. And weird things kept happening at home. Spellotape was getting delivered by owl daily. Sadie didn’t see every delivery, but it was impossible to ignore the entire closet full of tape in the house.

Sadie couldn’t explain what she was looking for, exactly. It wasn’t like there was a wizarding phone book - or Google - for her to find Spellotape distributors. And she knew nothing about her birth family. She couldn’t just look up her skin tone or hair or eye color in a magic book and BOOM, find her family.

And it wasn’t like she wanted to find her family. She loved her mom and Hayden and her sisters. This wasn’t about finding her real family. They were her real family. She just… wanted to know. What was so bad about who she was and where she came from that her mom was so determined to keep it secret? And what the hell was with all that Spellotape?

After combing through her fifth book with no idea what she was looking for, Sadie sighed dramatically and leaned as far back as she could in her chair without falling over. That’s when she noticed someone else. Hm. Maybe she should ask for some help. Two heads were better than one and all that bull.

“Do you think there’s a magical equivalent to like… 23andme?” She asked, not at all paying attention to whether or not she knew the other student well enough to know their background. Pureblood, muggleborn, who knew? “Like, if I cut off a lock of my hair or sent my blood or whatever, could someone throw it in a potion and figure out my wizarding ancestry?”

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