Andrew Tennant

Sept. 6, 2020, 11:38 a.m.

It was only a matter of time

What in the name of Circe was Alena even talking about? Of course there were people outside RMI, but none of them should even know about the fact that Drew and Darlene dated. Darlene lived on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, for Agrippa’s sake. Whatever capital-S Society she’d be returning to after graduation had probably never heard of Rocky Mountain International or the Tennants (Dad’s family was kind of pureblood but kind of not and definitely only relevant in America) or—well, okay, the McKindys seemed to have more of an international presence, but you had to do some digging to make the connection between Drew and the McKindys or the DeMarcos.

And no one would! No one would care enough to dig! If they did and got offended, that was their problem. You ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.

And he took offense at the idea that he had tainted Darlene. Drew thought he had a pretty realistic view of himself—not an inflated ego like JD Daegan, or a gross misconception like Connor—and Drew didn’t think he was a saint, but overall, he wasn’t a bad person. He tried to be friendly, and nice. His baby sister, who was like a Foe Detector glass for telling whether or not someone was a good person, wasn’t cold-shouldering him for the breakup or for anything else, even though she adored Darlene. He wasn’t dishonorable. He’d apologized to DJ after punching him. He’d more or less made up with Connor, even. And not to call himself a Nice Guy™, but he was a nice person, overall, he thought.

Tainted. Drew could hardly believe what he was hearing. He and Darlene hadn’t even—well, anyway. “So what’s the ‘right thing’?” Drew demanded. “Getting back together with Darlene when I don’t want to, just to defend her honor from people I’ve never met? How’s that going to help? How’s that fair to her?”

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