Joseph Blair

Sept. 6, 2020, 4:29 p.m.

If you don't know, I sure don't stand a chance

Being in year four meant Joey finally had power over his own sched, which was a right doozy. It’d been real rough picking new classes to try this year. First off he’d thought to only learn what interested him, but all the mods were right interesting, and he soon clued in that no matter what he’d have to scrap some or else he’d never have time to tuck under a doona for a snooze again.

After that average dud he took another pass and decided to focus on mods that he knew he was good at. Cos if he was being honest, despite giving the wand-waving a good burl it wasn’t callin’ much to him, while the more tech ones like potions and astro were sharp as. Joey was also right keen on Mag Sci, and curious about arithmancy too - he’d asked Mal about it in the commons one night and the year seven had gone all poppy tellin’ him how rare it was to pass, but he’d always been ace at maths pre-magic school so it couldn’t be that diff. He knew he’d been a bit of a layabout the first coupla years but c’mon, his dad was a science guy and his mum was Asian; he could pull up his pants and go all in when it mattered. Besides, magic maths had to be a sounder fit for him than some wall-off future-telling garbo. (Jarrett had made a case that divining was gotta be an easy pass, but he’d agreed to join him for History and a coupla others, so he still got a few classes with his roomie at least.)

Picking only mods he thought he’d deffo pull a ripper in prolly meant his grades overall would jump up, too. Bonus.

His first ‘rithmo class was tomorrow and Joey wanted to do some prep work, which was maybe just a lil bit driven by a tidal need to prove to Mal that he had a right to join up, but also cos he was curious to start. But when he saw Mal was in the Draco study room - well he couldna let him know he was preppin’, duh, so he racked straight off the other way and didn’t slow down til he crossed the library. Huffing shaggy black hair outta his eyeballs, Joey straightened his mussed up robes before going in and searchin’ the aisles for books on magic maths.

The Ozzie had made it halfway round and was doubling back when he crossed paths with Sadie, alone with a pile of books. What was she doin’ here? Not that he lived in the library like some paper nerd but the only times he’d seen her here, she was doin’ loud mouth stuff with JD, not studying… Whoopsies. Seemed he’d been caught with his eyes painted on, cos it weren’t till she rocked back in her seat and looking at him from upside-down that Joey clued in he’d been staring straight at her this entire time. Luckily he didn’t hafta make excuses.

He shrugged in response. “I dunno but sure, prolly somethin’ out there. Lotsa Mug sciences got magic rep in ‘em.” He should know; both his dad and his very dead gramps were wizards in Muggle science fields. “But it’sa bit of an odd ask, innit? Ya really want some rando in a potions lab takin’ your blood? Better off givin’ it to Rob; least he’d pull goofs and not some whack curse, ey.” Joey was familiar with the concept of ancestry testing - his aunt had done it a few years back, which caused a right fuss when it came back sayin’ she was one-eighth Indian and his Thai grandmum started digging up old docs to prove it wrong - so between the drama and the ick factor of some rando having your DNA, he wasn’t game.

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