Sadie Embers

Sept. 6, 2020, 5:17 p.m.

Well someone has to know

Sometimes Sadie wished Joey came with magical subtitles.

There had to be a spell for it. She knew that Muggles had stuff like that for some things. In Japan, for American tourists, there were these special glasses that English speaking audiences could wear while watching a theatrical production. At the bottom of the lense, the glasses would show the English translation to whatever the anime characters on stage were saying or singing. The Cetus had no idea why she knew this or where the information came from. When in doubt, she’d blame Elliot.

Anyway, if Muggles could have that kind of technology, surely magical people had some kind of translation spell for interactions like this. Maybe it wouldn’t work with Joey, though. He technically spoke English. The words rarely came together to resemble actual sentences or cohesive thought, but they were definitely English-like.

She continued to stare at Joey from her upside-down position. “I guess that’s true. There’s usually a magical equivalent to Muggle technology.” Except for the internet and smartphones. For some reason, wizards really wanted to live in the past. It’s like they were scared to advance. Did they think that if they joined modern society, it would somehow trigger the Witch Trials 2.0? Surely, humanity had evolved past burning people at the stake. They had so many other ways to kill people now!

Not the point, though. Right.

The blood started rushing to her head. Sadie righted herself before she lost her balance and swung herself around. One leg swept over the back of the chair so she could sit more comfortably and she brought her brown eyes back to Joey. “Yeah, I probably don’t want some stranger to have my blood, but I don’t want Rob to have it either. He and my mom went to school together; any prank on me is a prank on her.”

She sighed dramatically and rested her chin on the back of her chair. Her legs straddled either side. Her sigh didn’t push some of her curls away from her face, so she sighed again. Unsatisfied, she used a hand to shove her curls to the side. Research was exhausting, especially when she didn’t know what she was researching. “Do you remember the family tree project we did in History of Magic last term? I don’t know anything about my birth family, so I’m trying to… figure it out? I dunno, it’s stupid.”

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