Magdalena Adler

Sept. 7, 2020, 5:08 a.m.

It's not too late for a reset

Magdalena knew that this conversation could only go one of two ways but she was still disappointed by the path Drew was choosing. It was clear from his unravelling composure that she had struck a nerve but instead of swaying to see her side of things he was buckling down in support of his poor decisions. Alena tried not to be dismayed. She had come here expecting a reaction, hadn’t she? She consoled herself with the knowledge that Drew was finally beginning to see the full picture. People only unravelled like this when they had become too uncomfortable with the truth and proved too cowardly to confront it. She had seen a similar response from Charline during a difficult exchange with Papa and knew that the only thing to do was to continue battering Drew with her reasoning.

“I don’t know what’s fair but I do know what isn’t,” Alena said sharply. “It isn’t fair that Darlene should have sacrificed everything and gained nothing and it isn’t fair that you get to walk away the second things start to become serious.” Magdalena realised that she may have misunderstood the breakup. She had been working under the assumption that Drew had simply got cold feet - that he felt he was too young for commitment and had become daunted at the prospect of taking on pureblood society - but perhaps he just didn’t like Darlene anymore, and Alena found this difficult to understand.

“My sister was known for being difficult at school and now she has an unhappy marriage and no children. Darlene’s situation is arguably much more severe. Her choices will be limited - someone like Connor Farnon wouldn’t be considered an impossible match.” Alena liked Connor but he was not as dreamy as Drew nor did she think his personality would be a great match for Darlene’s. In truth she did not think Darlene was at serious risk of marrying Connor yet someone similar was a possibility. Drew clearly didn’t know any ‘Marcos York’ types but he did know a Connor Farnon. Alena could not pass up the opportunity to drop his name in the hope that Drew’s negative history with the older boy would awaken his concern for Darlene and force him to take Magdalena’s message seriously. “Are you really suggesting a life spent with you would be worse? I didn’t realise your relationship with Darlene had become so contemptible.”

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