Magdalena Adler

Sept. 9, 2020, 5:09 a.m.

I've certainly lost something

“Someone else?” Alena repeated dumbfounded. Drew had broken up with Darlene because he wanted to date someone else.

Everything was beginning to make sense - Drew was clearly an idiot. Sadly, this revelation made Alena successfully saving Drew and Darlene’s relationship all that more unlikely.

An idiot was unlikely to listen to reason but Magdalena had to give it one more attempt. She let out a tired sigh and in a moment of uncharacteristic annoyance barked, “Drew, what is wrong with you?” She wanted nothing more than to ask who exactly had stolen his gaze away from the beautiful Darlene, but Magdalena was afraid she might already know the answer.

She hoped for Drew’s sake that she was wrong and that he hadn’t blown everything up so that he might share guilt-free kisses with Remington Burnham. For the most part, Alena liked Remington. She was always great to work with in class, endlessly patient, and kind. She was probably going to be a much better Head Student than Magdalena, but she was not girlfriend material. Remington had been linked with a string of boys over the years and had never been known to date any of them so she couldn’t see why Drew would think he might be any different, but Drew was a boy, and for whatever reason boys seemed to lose all of their brain power when Remington was around.

Remembering that she was in a library, Alena took a deep breath to calm herself, and looked at Drew with pity. “You don’t break up with someone because you have a little crush. I have crushes all the time but I’m not going to break off my engagement with Nolan because of them,” she said, too strung up to feel embarrassed by the admission. “You don’t give up something real for a possibility of something with someone different or else no relationship would ever last.”

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