Andrew Tennant

Sept. 9, 2020, 10:07 p.m.

Your marbles, perhaps?

Drew, what is wrong with you?

Wasn’t that the million Galleon question? Drew’d been asking himself for about the last year and a half. He’d had a girlfriend he loved and he decided to end things. The feelings he had for Darlene weren’t as strong as they used to be, and they weren’t as strong as other feelings he was having. That mattered. There were too many doubts and what-ifs getting in the way for Drew to keep dating Darlene. That was the bottom line.

Of course, it was always possible Remington would say she wasn’t interested. Then he would’ve made a mess out of everything for nothing. If that happened… Drew hadn’t thought about what he would do if that happened because it gave him the same feeling that taking a Portkey did, like his insides were coming out through his belly button. If Remy turned him down, or if things didn’t work out with her, then Drew would just have to live with his mistakes. Asking Darlene to take him back would be a really crappy thing to do. She wasn’t a back-up or a safety school: Darlene deserved to have someone who was a hundred percent committed to her and only her. Drew couldn’t be that.

So he might be an idiot, but there wasn’t anything wrong with him for doing everything he could to avoid hurting Darlene and himself. And he didn’t need Magdalena Adler to sit here with her betrothal and pureblood sensibilities and judge him.

Drew leaned forward, feeling hot under the collar of his green plaid shirt. “Okay, I listened to you because I respect you enough to hear what you have to say, but that’s enough. My love life is none of your business. I already said I’m sorry about hurting Darlene, and if there’s anything else I can do to help her, I will, but I know what I’m giving up and why.” He pushed himself back from the table, chair legs screeching on the floor. “Also, if you’re having crushes on other people all the time, maybe you should reconsider your engagement. Maybe Nolan should.”

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